TAB Episode 38

Heckler & Koch G41

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2y Jan 20, 2019

Following NATOs standardisation of 5.56x45mm, Heckler & Koch introduced the G41 in 1981, as NATO members began looking for new rifles. HK, however, struggled to find buyers for the G41.

In this episode Matt takes a look at one of HK's rarest rifles. Comparing it to its predecessor the HK33 and discussing the changes HK made. The G41 represents HK's last infantry rifle to use the roller-delayed blowback action synonymous with HK. Tested by countries around the world but never seeing major contracts the G41 was eventually replaced by the G36.

For Matt's accompanying blog and more photographs of the G41 please check out the accompanying blog at: https://armourersbench.com/

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