July 2018 Q&A - Part 1 of 2

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2y Jul 28, 2018

0:36 Bobby M
If the 86 gun act were to be repelled what smg would you buy new and or what would you build and sell???

2:48 Joe L
What are the chances of seeing a match where you just equip yourselves as horribly as possible?

5:15 Azmi A
So, what's your opinion on interrupted cycle semi-auto (a.k.a lever release guns like the ones becoming popular in the UK) that could be used to comply with AWB legislation?

7:56 Jonathan J
Was there anything specific that made you choose to move to Arizona over other states? (Attractions, climate, cost, etc.)

10:33 Fudj
Do you guys have any tips or advice for people just getting into Class 3 items i.e. suppressors. Anything you know now that you wish you would have known when you started. Thanks!

15:54 Martin S
Ian, have you figured out what you're going to do to get your Chauchat running?

17:41 Michael B
Karl, do you have any advice for someone looking to get into marksmanship-centric competition a la High Power?

19:18 Matthew J
Not exactly a question, but I'd like to see a serious 2 gun match pushing the defensive/trench-assault capabilities of the scattergat, with stage scoring that doesn't depend entirely on speed of jamming shells in it - can it be done?

23:18 ¹¡íÁ·¥úGáB½5@±t3
What kind of footwear do you folks use during matches?

25:00 POGLIFE2171
Hey guys, love the channel even when I don't agree with some of the opinions y'all have your attitudes always have me come back for more. You are part of a modern infantry unit with M4's and 240B light machine guns and are teleported back to ostfront 1944. You run into a German unit with STG44's and MG42's. Who has the advantage?

28:12 Jonathon S
InRange/ForgottenWeaposn has seemed to have a growing relationship with Varusteleka. Are you thinking that this may evolve into a much bigger, mutually beneficial thing? (like Patreon supports getting discount codes, monthly giveaways being Varusteleka cards, etc.)

29:24 Leo G
Ian, as a fellow southpaw, did you ever consider a left handed upper for the WWSD project?

32:19 Rhys
Karl, before WWSD was completed you stated a lone individual on SHTF world should go with a .308. Do you still think that with the success of WWSD?

34:35 Jacob F
Would you consider a video/series on finding the most practical ban state rifles?

35:16 Ymran
If the constant recoil system generates less felt recoil than traditional systems, why has it been used in more firearms designs?

36:11 Patrick W
How would small arms technology have developed if smokeless powder had not been invented until the early to mid 1900's? Would countries still have moved to smaller caliber firearms or would it have just "plateaued" with mid/large bore rifles?

39:13 Colin B
Do you feel competive shooting (IDPA, USPSA, 3 gun etc) negatively effects or creates bad habits for law enforcement?

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