Andashi and Rin vs Vane WIP

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1y Sep 3, 2019

Well, I would've been finished with my Naruto fan animation by now, but health issues always be getting me. In July of this year I ended up with gout so fucking painful that it was too much sitting in a chair to animate. That shit was there a whole month, after which, a doctor who's a friend came over and took a look, said it doesn't look right. Hospital visit confirmed it was infects, so due to my low immune system, I had to have surgery. That was early August, I couldn't animate again until a little over two weeks ago. I'm doing much better now, though, and will be uploading again this week to make up for not posting in a while. Thank you all for being patient.

Music is Rapture by Ross Bugden

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Got a couple projects on my hands at the moment. Second episode of my original anime is in progress, as well as a fan animation and an animation amv.


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