Warframe: Is Hunter Munitions too OP?

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3y Nov 21, 2017

Hunter Munitions is a set mod dropped from the Hemocyte during Operation: Plague Star that grants primary weapons a chance to apply Slash status on a critical hit.

Yes, I did say that it makes the arca plasmor better as with my current build, the plasmor can even take out heavy armored enemies. And, when I did put hunter munitions on this weapon, it made it even more op as now it has a chance to apply bleed effect. Not to mention the slash damage that it deals to enemies when the mod procs.

If you like to watch enemies bleed to death, then I strongly suggest that you should try out Hunter Munitions on your weapons. Otherwise, stick with your current mod setup if you just want to plain kill the enemies.

I really don't think that this mod needs nerfing as it's a lot of fun and, why would DE nerf something that is fun? It's like we finally have a maiming strike for our primary weapons which offers a wide variety of possible builds and new playstyle.

Weapon Builds (In text form):

Note: All mods are max rank.

Amprex: Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, Point Strike, Argon Scope, High Voltage, Infected Clip, Hunter Munitions

Soma Prime: Point Strike, Argon Scope, Split Chamber, Heavy Caliber, Serration, Vital Sense, Hunter Munitions, Fanged Fussilade

Dread: Point Strike, Argon Scope, Split Chamber, Heavy Caliber, Serration, Speed Trigger, Hunter Munitions, Fang Fussilade

LENZ: Vile Acceleration, Point Strike, Split Chamber, Vital Sense, Serration, Heavy Caliber, Hunter Munitions, Argon Scope

Opticor: Heavy Caliber, Serration, Split Chamber, Rime Rounds, Argon Scope, Point Strike, Vile Acceleration, Hunter Munitions

Vectis Prime: Heavy Caliber, Serration, Split Chamber, Hunter Munitions, Point Strike, High Voltage + Malignant Force = Corrosive (Replaceable by any dual status mods, Argon Scope

Lanka: Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, Hunter Munitions, Point Strike, Argon Scope, Vital Sense, Hammer Shot (Yeah not fire rate for my lanka which sucks :P. Anyway, you can replace either vital sense or hammer shot with a speed trigger mod).

Arca Plasmor: Hell's Chamber, Blunderbuss, Primed Point Blank, Primed Ravage, Hunter Munitions, Laser Sight, Toxic Barrage, Frigid Blast

Vaykor Hek: Primed Point Blank, Primed Ravage, Hell's Chamber, Blunderbuss, Hunter Munitions, Frigid Blast, Toxic Barrage, Chilling Reload

  • Titania's Dex Pixia uses the LENZ mod setup.

  • Ivara's Artemis Bow uses the Dread mod setup.


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