Another success story, ~$8.5 Billion~ Congrats, IlovePOFT!

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6m Jan 27, 2021

IlovePOFT lets you in on a few tips on how he got rich in My Restaurant. He attributes some of his success to this channel.

Now, Poft is a more "casual" player. Unlike Dillon who grinded out billions in a few weeks, POFT cashed out his Billions with minimal effort playing the long game. So, regardless of your style of play, Scriptflip Roblox Gaming is a valuable resource here to help you make more money.

Congrats POFT, Welcome to the Billionaires club, bro!

About ScriptFlip Roblox Gaming

Amazing action, map exploration and glitch videos, but my specialty is strategy. I make high quality tutorials that help players make money faster, and level up faster in their favorite Roblox games.


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