The Langrisser Game that DOESN'T EXIST...?

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1w Jun 5, 2021

Or does it? Please feel free to prove me wrong! On a side note, I guess you can watch this to see what a complete Langrisser collection looks like. More or less.

(Just skip to 15:06 if you want to get straight to the game in question instead of all the history of different Langrisser games)

Songs used:
"Opening2" from Der Langrisser
"Main Menu" from Crest of Gaia
"Title" from Guyframe
"Player Phase 1" from Langrisser 1
"Edge of a Broken Heart" by Vixen (Genesis cover by me)
"No Surrender" from Langrisser 2
"Friends on the Road" from Power of the Hired
"Don't Stop Your Dream" from Langrisser 1 (PCE)
"Ally Backup2" from Der Langrisser
"Sophia's Theme" from Langrisser 3
"Scenario 1" from Langrisser 4
"Ranfold's Theme" from Langrisser 5
"Lance's Theme" from Langrisser Dramatic Edition
"Lambda's Theme" from Langrisser 5
"Fight it Out" from Langrisser 2
"Knight's Errant" from Langrisser Reincarnation Tensei
"Title Theme" from Langrisser HD
"Track 6" from History of Elthlead
"Ally Backup3" from Der Langrisser

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MyRPGIsBetterThanYoursCosplay @shintocetra 2d 2 days ago

Use this website: https://zenmarket.jp/ and search for "エルスリード"(Elthlead.) The results will be in English. Zenmarket by the way is a proxy shipping site for Yahoo Auctions, Japan's ebay equivalent. Yahoo Auctions normally won't ship outside Japan, but Zenmarket will ship it for you, though they do charge a service fee of 300 Yen per item as well as shipping fees. I'm currently in the proces of buying an NEC PC-98 with peripherals/games there, I'll lyk how it goes, but most others in the PC-98 Discord have good things to say about it.

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