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5y Jul 25, 2016

"http://www.whatsyourvapetemp.com/ - It's that time of the year again folks and the DaVinci team sure would not miss the most awaited counter-culture event of the year - CHAMPS 2016! Check out the video now.

It is the 35th CHAMPS Las Vegas Tradeshow and surely the DaVinci team ain't missing this one. Over 500 booths with 40 torches burning throughout the show and a lots of fun gigs and giveaways, the event was just loved!

We've seen familiar faces and made new friends as usual. It ran from Jul.19 - 21, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Halls and the first day we would say that it was a bit slow and less people came but by the 2nd and last day it just blew up.

Lots of new products debuted on the tradeshow some were even their first time joining Champs. You gotta give it to the organizers of CHAMPS, they sure get a lot of support from the community.

If you want to check out when the next CHAMPS is, go to their website - http://www.champstradeshows.com/

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