After Eugenics: Tattoogenics Part 1

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1m Jul 26, 2021

After Eugenics: Tattoogenics.
Should designer babies be a thing? Should genetic editing itself be a thing? And, if so, under what circumstances? In what type of society? Who should decide? In this video-essay, some fiend takes a deep dive trying to address these questions and suggests that somatic cell editing may be the way to go.
Part 1: Starts with a 25-minute short sci fi story on what the future of genetics in society might look like. It then delves into the history of Eugenics and Newgenics sourcing authors like Mukherjee, Leroi and others.
Part 2: Proposes and argument in favour of the ideology of Tattogenics and the culture that, maybe, kinda, don’t know, we’ll see- emerge from it’s spreading.

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