You Can Fix Anything With Ramen Noodles!

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2y May 26, 2019

You Can Fix Anything With Ramen Noodles! ft. [@Internet Unwind]

A couple weeks ago, I saw a video on Twitter - showing some dude fixing things with ramen. Ramen is meant for stuffing your gullet, when you're low on funds!

People like these DIY crafts, so much so that they are willing to film themselves fixing a car with ramen. Now if only I could fix my life with ramen.

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Big thanks to @Internet Unwind for unveiling his new show, and for fixing a pothole with ramen. Go check him out!

Also, huge thanks to @Sophie and Joe for doing the beautiful narration in the beginning!

and of course, HUGE thank you to my Patrons! You guys are the best!

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Song used in the beginning: https://youtu.be/0PsbEiC9J5k

Twitter: @doplex

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