Origins of the Ancient Minoans | DNA

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5m Apr 3, 2021

In this video I host Dr. Peter Revesz on an absolutely fascinating subject and that is the origins of the ancient Minoans.

The Minoan civilization flourished in the Middle Bronze Age on the island of Crete located in the eastern Mediterranean from c. 2000 BCE until c. 1500 BCE. With their unique art and architecture, and the spread of their ideas through contact with other cultures across the Aegean, the Minoans made a significant contribution to the development of Western European civilization as it is known today.

In this episode we go back to a time before civilization. A time of mass migration.

This episode sets out to explore the Minoan Origins from different viewpoints.

Firstly, we explore traditional narratives and especially what they got wrong.
And then we approach Ancient DNA, Art motifs, Vowel harmony, Script similarity, Etymology and finally Translations.

Has Dr. Revesz deciphered Linear A Script and how has his work been accepted?

As we conclude Dr. Revesz believes his data analysis lead to the conclusion that we need to separate the Minoans into two groups: the Early Minoans and the Middle Minoans.(The Late Minoans could be a third group, but there is no archaeogenetic data about them.) Earlier studies have not separated these groups, which have different origins.

The Early Minoans came from Anatolia, while the Middle Minoans came from the Danube Basin. (Sailing from the Danube Delta to Crete is quite possible via the Bosporus Strait.)

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University webpage:

My genetics video, from where the map with the circle comes from:

Art motifs video (water and well motifs):

Vowel harmony video:

Decipherment video (with the script similarity matrix and
the translation of the gold ring):

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