August 2018 Q&A

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2y Aug 25, 2018

0:38 - Have you ever had your AK's front sight get caught up in a barrier or obstacle?
1:55 - Ian - Do you think the AK ever had an open bolt format in it's conceptual stages of development?
3:00 - What would rather carry, the Type 38 or Type 99 Arisaka?
3:40 - What makes the M1 Garand so good?
5:47 - Karl - What firearms do you recommend for someone looking to get into cowboy firearms?
7:57 - Have you ever experiened any issues or stoppages at a match due to enviroment?
9:35 - Do you have any plans to mud test the M27 IAR?
10:17 - This will get buried, but is there any central place to find where you post every new video? Facebook, youtube, full30, etc?
11:24 - Why aren't there straight pull sniper rifles?
12:35 - Court ruled in favor of a man posting data to 3D print firearms online.
15:32 - How did you co-witness your red dot on the Hudson H9?
16:22 - Why isn't the ZH-29 style of front magazine catch used in more weapons?
16:58 - Can you to the best of your knowledge explain the history of the armsen OEG and similar operating sights?
19:14 - Hey guys! What is the best piece of firearms advice you’ve ever received? Thanks for all the great content!
19:43 - I would like to know your thoughts on the AR10?
20:46 - Repeat: Can we see a WWSD mud test?
21:31 - Why do we continue to see non-aperture iron sights on combat rifles after the P14?
22:50 - What do you guys think about the rapid decline of the popularity of the 40 S&W?
24:58 - Karl, Ian- have either of you played with a Walther P99/PPQM1?
26:01 - Best rifles that aren't an AR15?
26:47 - What are your thoughts on hanguards with integrated bipods as far as weight and utlility vs complexity and practicality?
28:55 - New to Patrion and haven’t watched all of the Q&As so forgive me if this has been asked and answered. What is your take on the grip pod?
29:49 - Did you ever get in touch with Franklin armory and if so when are we gonna see some reformation run and gun?
31:33 - Karl you’ve stated that you’d take a modern lever gun in .357 MAG, why .357 MAG instead of other revolver calibers like .44MAG or .500 S&W?
32:56 - How much influence do you think you are having on modern multi-gun competition?
33:46 - Do binary triggers have any use in 2-gun?
33:56 - Would you guys still like to check out an Ohio Ordnance Works Heavy counter assault rifle? If so let me know and we can schedule it.
34:48 - Please discuss weight and balance as part of getting a rifle "just right" to make most goldilocks happy for good handling in diverse situations.
36:03 - With your alternative history lever gun project, doesn’t the lack of training for the average Calvary troop on the frontier negate a lot of the advantages of the combined arms concept. In that the troopers can’t effectively employ it?
36:52 - Do either of you see any utility in the more modern versions of the m60?
37:45 - Now that you have broken GWACS what would you substitute for the lower now that it’s going to be some time before they redo the molds. I was thinking a Brownells retro Lower with an A1 stock.
38:51 - For your WWSD builds, you were both limited 14.5 with a pinned flash hider for the shortest legal(non-sbr) barrel length you could go. If those legal limitations did not exist, would you have gone for a shorter barrel, making the gun lighter and more maneuverable?
39:50 - For your WWKD: You mentioned in hard as hell 2 gun that the ammo selection is pretty crap. I would agree, quality 5.45 is pretty hard to get in the United States. However, have you considered looking into getting an AK in 5.56 as part of it's evolution? The action and system of the AK-74 platform is left untouched, but you get the advantage of quality ammo. Your thoughts on the system and evolution?
40:58 - Have either of you, fine gentlemen, handled or fired a double stacked .45 acp 1911 styled firearm (such as "legendary" para-ordnance p-14), and what are your oppinion of them.
41:47 - What strategies have you employed to mitigate extreme handguard temperatures when competing in the AZ sun?
42:22 - Karl- Have you determined the cause of the malfunctions you had with your H9 at Hard as Hell 2 Gun?
43:06 - Any news on doing Tiger Valley again?
44:44 - Will there be a desert brutality 2019?
44:54 - At what point does a rifle stop being practical and become a "gamer gun"?
45:26 - In today's world, do you think that videos of action shooting sports (2 gun, 3 gun, IDPA, SASS, etc...) are probably most effective tools for getting new people interested in firearms?

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