December 2017 Q&A - Hudson Mfg w/Cy & Lauren Hudson

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3y Dec 28, 2017

This month we're visited by Cy and Lauren Hudson, the founders of Hudson Mfg. We're thrilled to have this opportunity to spend some time with them (awesome people) and dig into their brains about their flagship product, the Hudson H9 pistol.

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Robert S
When will a version with milled slide for RDS debut?

Matthew J
How hard is it to cut the slide for an RDS?

Have you submitted the H9 to USPSA to be legal in Production and Carry Optics?

Adam C
Will there be a factory standard version that already has the cut out for carry Optics? Are carry Optics even possible with the design of the pistol? When will other accessories such as the manual safety be available?


Carl V
What was the biggest hurdle getting into the business with such distinct new design, and how can other up and comers prepare for the same challenges?

Phillip F
How does it feel to get the kind of feedback for their design idea/product (their baby) and to finally be where they are with the shipping of their product?

Scott W
During development, how well did your team stay focused on developing the H9? Were there ever temptations to go down different paths?

What type of software do you use to design and manufacture? Solidworks, MasterCam, something else really cool that I don't even know about? I'm currently studying to be a machinist.

Did you guys expect the reception your handgun got on the market? Were you expecting a better or worse reception? ( by reception I mean both what the average consumer has to say, and what the "firearms experts"/ critics have to say)

Nick C
What are your roles now that you are in production? Are you on the factory floor?

Andrew D
Is there a way to invest in your company?

Michael B
For not having any experience in manufacturing or designing a gun before did you have a lot of push back by the industry (people in the field of making guns/ parts manufactures)? Thanks!

Joseph G
I would like to know how the company is doing now that their has been released and is on sale. Is the firearm selling well? Have they been able to relax a little bit or is this side just as stressful as research and development?

Brandon T
When comparing availability in my area (greater Seattle area) to things you said in interviews at SHOT Show, it seems to me that production is behind schedule and in lower quantities than you expected. Is this perception correct? If so, what lessons have you learned about the realities of gun manufacture that has led to the current situation?

Kyle D
OK I’ll ask the obvious questions: if you can share specific numbers- how well did the debut of the H9 go?

Jasper W
Was it harder to secure raw materials and production capacity as a new firearms manufacturer than it would have been if you had an innovative toaster design?

George J
How do you do QA from your various suppliers, especially when literally nobody's ever made your parts before?

Stewart R
Are there any mechanical or market restrictions that would prevent the H9 from being released with a standard (one piece) trigger and a manual thumb safety in addition to the existing passive-safety model?


Seth P
Hudson H10 when?

Karsten J
Will there be a longer barrel version for the EU market? 2cm longer

Derek J
I would like to know if they have any plans in the works for a 10 round magazine. I'd like to order one of their pistols, but I have the misfortune of living in NY.

Are there any plans in the works for a Polymer framed H9?

Elling P
If you could add a single feature to the gun without added costs or drawbacks, what would it be?

Anders A
Are you planning to release some wood grips?

Patrick W
Are there any plans or ambitions of doing something with the rifles or carbines?

Alex P
Ask them if they'll make it in .357 sig. I like the Hudson, but they are a lot of 9 mm handguns out there for less money. I think that a high end handgun should be offered in more "interesting" calibers as well as the tried and true 9 mm.

Firearms Fuel&Fabrication
Any plans for a threaded barrel version and has your system been tested in suppressed form?

Billy K
What advice would you have for someone who wants to get into firearms manufacturing but has very limited funds for machines and materials?

Deadguy Does
any plans to expand to a polymer framed version?

Matisse E
What will it take for Hudson MFG to be willing to go through the process to be allowed to sell the H9 in California?

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