Juan Dhas - "Beacons" Solo Fragment - "Catharsis" Release Show - Live at LOCUS Espacio Creativo

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1y Dec 13, 2019

Dug up some footage I'd forgotten about from the "Catharsis" album release show, so I just wanted to share it with you all! It's amazing to see how much this music is evolving from not just the recording session, but even this show. Looking forward to seeing where it all goes! A huge thank you to Ramón Berrocal and Kike Harker for being such a phenomenal rhythm section, and for taking on the challenge of learning some really tough music. With that said, here's a fragment of "Beacons", one of the ballads on the new album!

Juan Dhas - Guitar/Compositions
Kike Harker - Upright Bass
Ramón Berrocal - Drums

"Catharsis" now available at the following links!

Bandcamp - https://juandhas.bandcamp.com/album/c...
iTunes- https://itunes.apple.com/bw/album/cat...
Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/7laRAp...
Amazon - http://a.co/d7SXTAZ

About Juan Dhas

Official channel for the Colombian Contemporary Jazz guitarist, Juan Dhas.


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