Walther P38 Failure Day!

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3y May 12, 2018

Old weapons have their foibles, as do some modern ones, but older designs are particularly suited to being troublesome.

While the P38 was indeed a step forward in terms of combat pistol design and cost of manufacture, it still retains some pretty odd design choices that can be problematic.

It tooks us 4 tries to get Ian through 1 stage on this particular day with this particular P38 and the failures really were an excellent opportunity to display to you viewers some of the things that can go on with these old designs, as well as the match in general.

It is very interesting to note that the post war Walther P4 and P5, both P38 derivatives, were modified in a way that addressed all of the issues we experienced with this original WW2 pistol. Matches and the "real world" aren't always that far apart.

Vickers Tactical has a great video about the P4 and some of those changes here:

This event and video truly was a learning experience.

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