Ep. 14 Mingmei Yip Best Selling Author, Traditional Chinese Music (Qin/古琴) Expert #AAPIHeritageMonth

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4m May 7, 2021

May is the celebration of AAPI Heritage Month. We will start by introducing Mingmei, Yip: Best Selling Author with publications in multiple languages sold in 10 countries, Champion of Traditional Chinese Music (Qin), Buddhist Studies, and traditional art.

This is a true immigrant success story. In Hong Kong, Mingmei had an enviable life as a professor, published author, Buddhist studies scholar, and a TV expert. Then as fate would have it, she met the love of her life, and next thing you know, she’s in a strange land where in order for her brilliance to shine, she would have to start from the ground up, including learning how to write in a new language. She never wavered from the identity of who she was. If hard work and risk taking were required, she simple stepped up and said, “here I am!” Her appearance may be delicate and beautiful, but there’s a strength inside that was not to be contempt with.

Fast forwarding to today, she’s a bestselling author with multiple novels, children’s books, scholarly publications on the ancient Chinese instrument “qin” (古琴), a published artist, and a well known educator.

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