How Valve's Steam Deck Could Change The Games Industry Forever

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2m Jul 15, 2021

Valve has just announced an entirely new gaming console, the Steam Deck!! It's much like the Nintendo Switch (with many comparisons being drawn to the Switch OLED), in that it's a handheld console, but what is so unique is that it is functionally a gaming PC. Yes, that's right, valve just released a $400 handheld gaming PC. So what is this going to mean for the industry? Is there even a place in the market for this Steam Handheld?

Will Valve's Steam Deck set the new standard for handheld gaming consoles? Or will Nintendo reign supreme, leaving the Steam Deck to rot with the Steam Controller and Steam Link? Let's discuss!

Concepted and created by Avery Swanson and Paul Avila.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Intro
01:36 Steam Deck VS Switch OLED
04:34 Valve's Obsession With Innovation
07:39 How Will It Affect The Industry?
11:10 My Opinion/Outro

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