Patreon Q&A Volume 2

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4y Jul 27, 2017

Unoriginal vid idea, maybe some original-ish ideas in the video :)

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:35 reloading/shooting 7.5mm GP90
3:50 zeroing sights on pistols - should you? Getting around to old-school pistol technique: when?
6:18 reloading in Switzerland
9:13 subguns in Switzerland?
10:12 Kar98k accuracy acceptance standard
17:22 My history with AR15's
22:53 why did the Swiss use frame-type stripper clips / chargers?

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Firearms history, blokesplaining firearms mechanics, mythbusting, shooting sports and kitschy sketches all in one place. An often dry and sarcastic look at whatever takes the Bloke's and the Chap's fancy in the world of guns and shooting.


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