Musicians on Clubhouse 101: How To Create a Successful Pop-Up Concert (Live Streaming, iRig2 & More)

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4m May 14, 2021

In this video, you will learn how Clubhouse works, the etiquette, how it benefits a musician, how to create a following, what pop-concerts are, how to make sure your room/concerts are well attended, and everything you need to know technically to set you up for a successful streaming session.

I created a Facebook Group, “Musicians and Music Lovers on Clubhouse,” for those currently on or who would like to explore Clubhouse. So please join us and check us out.

I am your hostess, Shirley Wang, an opera singer, bestselling author, educator, and social media enthusiast. Follow me on Clubhouse @MsShirleyWang

Follow our guest speaker Peter Lin with Yardbird Entertainment @Thelintet

Scroll to the bottom to look for a list of the equipment mentioned in the video.

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0:00 Intro
1:48 What is Clubhouse and how does it work?
3:56 Pop-Up Concerts and Musicians on Clubhouse
5:14 How To Get a Packed Room
5:45 Resetting The Room (What Is It and Why)
6:22 Building a Presence through Performance, Engagement and Collaboration
9:49 Streaming from MacBookPro?
10:40 Here’s Where The Technical Stuff Begins: USB Mics?
17:42 Recap of the Steps to Set Up for Clubhouse
21:39 For Those of Us Who Want To Keep It SUPER SIMPLE, Here’s How!

List of Equipment Mentioned:

  1. Quarter Inch Converter
  2. iRig2 (Analog, not HD)
  3. Interface Options:
    Option 1: Interface SSL2+
    Option 2: Focusrite Interface
  4. The Mini Mixer: Moukey MHAMP1
  5. Your choice of DAW (digital audio workstation)

Guest: Peter Lin, Jazz Trombonist based out of Greater New York Area, Founder and Owner/Operator of Yardbird Entertainment providing quality live streaming events, music production built by musicians. https://www.yardbirdent.com/

Host: Shirley Wang, Opera Singer, Pianist, Conductor, Educator, International Bestselling Author based out of Orlando, FL. You can find out more about me at https://linktr.ee/ShirleyWang

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