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2w Sep 11, 2021

This video is towards those people who saying that my father suffering covid right now is fake. What are you thinking?! What kind of demented minds do you have thinking that someone would use their father to grab easy cash on the internet?!! 😡😡 And even say that all the pictures I posted on the fundraiser page ( https://gogetfunding.com/help-my-father-on-his-fight-against-covid-19/ ) are not mine and I just grab it from another person?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING??!!! I am desperate right now because we don't have money to provide for the urgent medical care of my father! Why say such words like that?!! Do you even not think how hard it is seeing your father suffer and worry at your wife at the same time?!! What the hell are you guys?!! YES WE ARE THE UNLUCKIEST FAMILY WHEN IT COMES TO HEALTH YOU CAN SAY THAT BUT SAYING THAT I'M USING MY FATHER TO GET MONEY IS CRUEL! WTF! I'M VERY LUCKY TO HAVE MY COMMUNITY AND I CAN'T THANK THEM ENOUGH OR EVEN REPAY WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ME. I JUST HOPE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT'S NOT EASY SEEING YOUR FAMILY SUFFER AND I REALLY HOPE NO ONE WILL EXPERIENCE THE THINGS OUR FAMILY IS EXPERIENCING NOW. PLEASE BE SAFE.

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