MoonRiver staking explained Free $MOVR giveaway NOW ! The Kusama Parachain

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4d Sep 14, 2021

Moonriver staking explained, the kusama parachain should you stake $MOVR token ? Moonriver the ethereum bridge or kusama parachain has made noise throughout the crypto space within the past month but i feel as though many people aren't sure what they should, should you stake your moonriver tokens or not ? In this live stream we will be going over these things as i share my $MOVR token staking account with you all!

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📢 Disclaimer: The content within this video and on this YouTube channel is solely for educational and entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor nor am i a legal Councillor, I am simply a crypto fanatic who loves blockchain technology because i truly believe it will change the world. So please do your own research and be fully aware of risks involved when investing into any such crypto and or platform! Curypto currencies is an extremely volatile digital asset and comes with major risks.

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