January 2019 Q&A

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2y Jan 18, 2019

Joe L
How come you stopped uploading your videos to PornHub? I

Brice H.
What piece(s) of gear have you originally thought to be useless or impractical but after testing found to be very practical and usable?

Fabian H
Ever thought of doing live stream Q&As?

Daniel F
Would a magazine cut off and single loading option have made a lever gun a more acceptable option to military adoption?

Benjamin R
IWhat is your opinion of russian/belarusian optics quality? Have you been seeing improvement over the years?

Anthony H
What do foreigners need to know about competing in the Finnish match?

Alex S.
What your y'alls thoughts on the G36?

Kevin B
Do you think the M1 Garand would have been better than the BAR for walking fire in WWI given its lighter weight and quick reload if mass issued?

What weapon would you use as Soviet soldier during world war 2 if you could choose(No captured weapons)?

Jonathan J.
John Moses Browning or Eugene Stoner for greatest American firearm engineer?

Christopher S
If you could go back in time and have one gun receive the development the AR15 has received since it's inception, which do you think would be most interesting?

Ian S
Do you think we will see a time were handguns and rifles will have no iron sights?

Why is it you think that bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns became the norm?

Brian C
Best value in home-built parts kits available today? CETME-C/G3, CETME-L, Uzi, or still the AK?

David L
Update on your Beretta 92 and Walther CCP?

Garrett Sder
Favorite piece if classic/vintage gear?

Roy B
Is an SMG effective in a modern context?

John L
What has been more practical, a slick plate carrier with a chest rig on top, or a combined rig?

Joseph F
Did you really throw away the CZ52/57ish at Red Oktober?

Jon C
Given the number of weapons you (and particularly Ian) have lying around and borrow for videos, how many calibers of ammo do you have lying around?

Tim B
Would you all consider a project to modernize the M1 Carbine as a sort of small “jungle gun”?

Ryan Z
If you had access to a C93 Borchardt and an early Madsen semi auto rifle, would you run a 2 gun match with them?

What are your opinions/preferences regarding proper AR-15 lubrication?

Jeremy R
Why do you think a device similar in concept to the Pedersen device wasn't further pursued inter-war?

Martin W
4k video, when?

Bobby M
Are you seeing AR pistols with Braces at the match’s more and more?

Kyle C
What is the best dual-purpose cartridge for Cowboy Action shooting?

Why did the french never adopt larger magazines for their battle rifles despite all other nations having what seems like a 20 round magazine minimum.

Scott F
I'm really interested in competing in Desert Brutality. How should I start out and what gear would you recommend at the minimum?

David C
Do either of you own any "wall hanger" firearms and if so, why don't you shoot them?.

justin C
Regardless of current technological limitations what in your option would constitute the perfect carbine optic?

Gori the all powerful
In the previous Q&A you stated that of all the cap and ball revolvers, you'd carry and 1860 Colt. Why?

Icebreaker Interactive
It's World War 3 in 1985. You are out of ammo and you see among the dead on the battlefield an M16A1, a FAL, a G3, an AK74 and an M/49 Hovea. Which one do you reach for?

Brian I
Why are grip safeties and trigger safeties not utilized in rifles and shotguns?

John G
What did you guys think of “They Shall Not Grow Old”?

Are revolvers obsolete for combat?

Legalities aside, would you please explain the benefits and negatives of concealed carry vs open carry.

Andrew D
Why were pump action military rifles not a thing?

Fred R
Any thoughts on buying and restoring surplus military vehicles as a project car?

Carl L
Hi Karl, you mentioned you have Norwegian Roots. What's your relation to norwegian culture?

1911, would you put it being obsolete or in obsolescence?

Eamon B
What are your thoughts on rifle-only run-and-gun type matches?

Have you ever considered running or participated in a shooting competition with nighttime or low light shooting?

Matthew R
I was told that the Army decided lever actions were too difficult to operate while shooting prone. According to your research, is this true?

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