The Other Guys Vs Blue Pegasus - Season 1/Event 2

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8m Dec 23, 2020

The PBL is a competitive league where teams battle it out to prove they are the best in the game and to become the ultimate winners of the league.

The PBL is based on the Blaster Tag Associations, Ion Rush ruleset with some small changes.

Two teams with three players aside have two options to win, tag out all opposing team players or secure the flag from the centre of the field and place the flag in the opposing teams starting location.

Team wipe is worth one point and flag push is worth two points

The matches played are on a 30 by 30-metre field with a 200fps cap.

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Blaster Tag Association Ion Rush Rules.

Perth Blaster League acknowledges and thanks to the creators of this game type and ruleset.

Please note: not all PBL matches will be put on YouTube.

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Intro and Rules
0:51 Round One
1:35 Round Two
2:50 Round Three
3:34 Final Score

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