What Makes Goliath Different

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2m Jul 16, 2021

Unlike nutritional products offered by numerous other companies, Goliath relies on native / undenatured whey and micellar casein proteins to preserve the functionality of Goliath and ensure an ideal taste profile.

Goliath comes packaged in a high quality, laminated bag which acts as a moisture and oxygen barrier to protect the product. This packaging is ALSO more inexpensive than plastic bottles and this savings offsets our investment in higher quality ingredients allowing us to keep your investment lower.

Genetically engineered hormones have NOT been given to the cows producing the milk we use to extract protein as a means of boosting their production. This means the cows are grass fed and rBST free.

Goliath is absent of fillers and mixes well with a spoon and/or shaker cup in only 30-60 seconds. It tastes good in water or milk too.

For more information on our different proteins visit our website at http://www.syntrax.com

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