Warframe Pure Status Arca Plasmor: Most Lethal Utility Gun!

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4y Sep 12, 2017

So I've been testing Arca Plasmor like for many days and last time, I've decided to put a mix of crit and status mods on it. The damage is pretty well and I think it can do some level 100 mission and that time, I thought that Arca Plasmor is only good when build that way. Well, I was really wrong!

This gun is more fun and more lethal if used as as a utility gun. What I mean is, taking advantage of the insane status proc of this gun. Based from my experience using this gun, Arca Plasmor can always proc impact and radiation and, you can add some other status on it like corrosive, gas, viral or magnetic damage.

Now the thing is, I don't really aim to use this gun as a status damage can. Instead, I'm planning to use it as a utility gun wherein I take advantage of the insane status procs of this gun, and then finish the enemies with my condition overload modded melee weapon.

As you can see above, the damage is pretty decent especially with the Lesion variation. Take note that this is only a test done in the Simulacrum. I will be testing this combo in survival mission and I will post the result here on this channel. For now, you can visit my official blog below for more Warframe.

P.S I will post a guide on my blog on how to create this lethal combo in Warframe. So stay tuned!

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