Review: Rise Eterna – It's Valhollian but not good

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1m Jun 19, 2021

At first, I considered comparing it to Fire Emblem, but that's an overused comparison. Valhollian is a better point of reference anyway; Rise Eterna feels eerily similar in many ways. It's like the devs decided to take Valhollian and water it down.

Please don't buy the game yourself on your Nintendo Switch or on Steam. There are much better ways you could spend your money. Like investing in $GME or Cryptocurrency. Or buying yourself a decadent sandwich with the works.

Songs used:
"Eterna City (Day)" from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
"Eternal Engine" from Sonic Adventure 2
"Track 104" from Eternal Eyes
"Shop Theme" from Valhollian
"Eternal Bon" from Fire Emblem 10: Radiant Dawn
"Dark Princess" from Langrisser 2
"With an Eternally Innocent Heart" from Fantasy Maiden Wars
"Track 14" from Valhollian
"Credits Theme" from Valhollian

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