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1y May 6, 2020

A space suit, therefore, is a life-saving device for an astronaut.
We know that the atmosphere at the Earth's surface produces a pressure equal to the weight of a large automobile on each square metre. We do not notice this since it is equal both inside and outside our bodies. But if the air inside a metal pot is, for instance, forced out by boiling water inside it, the pot collapses under this pressure.

Similarly, an unprotected astronaut in a space flight would not only die by swelling up, but his blood would also start to boil.
The temperature at which a liquid boils depends on the atmospheric pressure. At a height of 9 kilometres, water boils at 74°C; and above 19 kilometres, blood boils below body temperature. At zero pressure, the astronaut's blood would instantly turn to a deadly foam.
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