Human Behavior Hacking in Negotiations

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2y Jun 17, 2019


Susan Ibitz, the human behavior hacker, IS on the show. Some people hack computer systems, she hacks human behavior. Susan runs a company called the Human Behavior Lab where she and her team specialize in face reading, statement analysis, body language, and micro-expressions.

In this episode we jump into these 4 areas with both feet and discuss how understanding each of these four areas can make you a better negotiator and a better communicator.

The thing that I loved about this episode is that Susan dispels a lot of myths about body language, specifically on how to tell if someone is lying to you.

I find Susan’s research fascinating and this is likely an episode you’re going to want to take notes on.

Website: https://humanbehaviorlab.com/

Negotiations Ninja:


About Human Behavior Lab

Through research and teaching, we work on unlocking the science behind Human Behavior, Micro-Expression, Body Language, Deception-Detection, Statement & Face Reading.


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