April 2020 Q&A

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1y Apr 29, 2020

Logan Y
Thoughts on the 2011 platform for EDC?

Nicholas P
What is your favorite tea or coffee blend?

If more countries had adopted the M16 platform as their standard service rifle at the same time as the U.S., would its reputation today be better or worse?

I am looking to get an AK style p-mag adapter, any suggestions? The goal would to "diversify" my firearms collection, but keeping common caliber and magazine.

Andrew D
Will you be doing a test with the spinner to try and find something that will spin it with one shot? For instance a musket?

Richard D
Where do you get the ideas and/or information for the history vignettes???

Charles E
Should the sites featured in your Old West Vignette series be more deserving of state support for their preservation in your opinion, or are they generally as well preserved as their fame or notoriety deserves?

RedRich 36
Do you believe that there are any major benefits to the Winchester 1892 pattern as apposed to the 1873 for modern day applications?

Would you rather take a M1 Garand or SKS into combat?

Deviant Ollam
your personal gut guess: do you think DEF CON will happen this summer?

Dual wielding pistols was it a thing in old west or is there any situation were that would be practical?

Have you ever considered writing a book?

Aaron S
What is the best brand of 8mm Mauser ammo you’ve found?

If the US ever goes back to standardizing on the 7.62 NATO cartridge, do you think…

M193 GoofBall
Why was the lever action more popular than the pump action for high capacity, rapid fire, "intermediate" caliber carbines in the mid to late 1800s?

Chris F
Do you guys own/use suppressors? I can’t recall a video of you guys ever using one.

Jordan M
Would the pkm still be as good if it was chambered in a different caliber

Mike K
Is it better to build pistol skills with a full size gun or a smaller carry pistol as a novice?

Kenneth L
Any update on the next Desert Brutality?

Steven T
As a scientist, I greatly appreciated your response to SARS-CoV-2. From what I've seen, it's been very alarming to see the gun community gravitate towards conspiracy theories, outright rejection of epidemiology and public health, and descriptions of relatively mild public health interventions as tyranny. Has this looked as alarming from your perspective? Where do you see all of this heading?

John K
What is your “unicorn” gun of the old west era?

Kevin B
What is a good "first optic" to try for a history nerd who has only ever used iron sights?

Bennett M
What are your thoughts on the trapezoid sights on modern Steyr pistols, and have you ever shot one of their pistols with these sights? Is there a ‘there-there’ or is this just marketing?

Sam J
One favorite of each: book, band, podcast?

if you had to pick a bolt action for a match, which one would you pick?

5.7x28 from a pistol barrel on a spinner target, spinnable or not?

Andy W
In the next global conflict, what do you think would be America’s greatest shortfall when it comes to producing war material?

I have pre-ordered a WWSD2020 and a mk3 lower. Is the delivery date going to be affected by the death bug?

Will K
What do you think the best design for a bayonet is?

James B
How much do you trust cloud computing when it comes to sensitive personal information, creative intellectual property, etc?

Gannon W
What two gun setup would you run in 1899 Arizona?

Kevin G
What historical site would you like to do a vignette on, but cannot due to external factors? (site destruction, unsafe location, etc)

Steven W
What's your favorite gun to just go out and shoot for fun?

Alec M
Did the M14 offer anything over the Italian BM59?

Matthew J
If you were being sent back in time to, say, 1775, would you bring a 'modern' firearm or a black powder firearm that you could make new cartridges for?

Paul T
In your opinion, what is the best lever action chambered in .357 Magnum currently on the market?

Dayton R
In doing research for OWV what has been the most eye opening information that changed the way you thought about the subject matter?

Justin A
You've talked about mezcals briefly in the past, are there any particular brands of mezcal that you would recommend over others?

Sebastian B
If one has an MDR in .308, is the 5.56 MDR conversion kit worth the minimum $550 price tag or is one better off to spend a little more for a nice-to-decent AR15 and have two independent rifles that are both ready to use instead of fiddling with zero etc and a conversion kit?

Michael B
What happened to the video you guys did on Waco and the Branch Davidians?

Ben E
As it pertains to cleaning firearms, is it your personal practice to clean intermittently or after every usage?

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