InRangeTV 2017 Update and Goals!

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4y Jan 4, 2017

It's another year for the InRangeTV project!

We hit our previous goal and will now be giving away show related items, reviewed items and more monthly.

We're thrilled with the success of the channel so far but we have an amibtious goal for 2017 - let's turn InRangeTV into a full time and self sustaining project. This means more content, longer episodes, more episodes, crazier matches, more slaughtered sacred cows, history and the future blended together in the only way InRangeTV can.

We're calling for your help to make this happen, either directly through Patreon or via subscriptions, or however you can by sharing our message.
If you already are supporting us, thank you! YOU are the reason this project still exists!

If you're considering it, maybe this video will convince you. It doesn't matter if it's Patreon, or a sub, or a share - it all helps.

We are very excited about the plans we for 2017 and its individual supporters like you that will enable them.

About InRangeTV

InRange is an online video program dedicated to the study of guns, shooting, gun culture, and history. We dispel the myths, promote the good stuff that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.


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