Understanding quantum mechanics 3.1: The principles (part 1).

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4m May 24, 2021

Episode 3 establishes the principles of quantum mechanics.
In this first part, we discuss the representation of knowledge.

Topics we encounter include: the uncertainty principle,
the choice of the observer, the wave function,
compatible and complementary observables,
Born's rule, the Hilbert space and its inner product,
the physical interpretation of the wave function,
and the so-called "collapse" of the wave function.

The notes contain more detailed explanations of some of the
points raised in the video and some technical details:

See https://github.com/edwinst/understanding_qm/blob/main/ep03_principles.pdf

Link to episode 1: https://utreon.com/v/bzDOBUO5WVo
Link to episode 2: https://utreon.com/v/o3DaZqK6QTA
Link to the video "The Meaning of Plus in Quantum Mechanics": https://utreon.com/v/cICxBF09AGE

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