Vont: Spark Ultra-Bright Waterproof LED Headlamp Flashlight | Best Budget LED Headlamp [REVIEW]

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8m Jan 3, 2021

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★ Product Information And Links:
Name: Vont: Spark Ultra-Bright Waterproof LED Headlamp Flashlight | Best Budget LED Headlamp

Link (US): https://amzn.to/2X7SqYc

10% Off Coupon Code: "CREW10EL" (Code is applicable to all Vont products)

★ Product Description:
(TITLE) Vont 'Spark' LED Headlamp Flashlight (2 Pack, Batteries Included) Head Lamp Gear Suitable for Running, Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, Jogging, Headlight with Red Light, Headlamps - Adults, Kids

● Ultra-bright & long-lasting: Featuring super-bright Proprietary blends that can vividly light up your immediate vicinity, even in total darkness. The unbeatable battery life of up to 90 hours (2X of our competitors’). Easily light up an entire tent, road, or even a mountain. (Batteries are included for your convenience.)

● Easy 7 light mode toggle: Easy, quick, and single button press to toggle through 7 light modes. Low/Medium/High/Strobe (Main Light) and Low/SOS/Strobe (Side Lights). Efficiently use only the light you need.

● Ergonomic 45° tilt: Never strain or crane your neck again, thanks to the ergonomically designed light throw at a 45° angle. Competitor headlamps throw light at an awkward 30°, causing certain neck strain. By far, the comfiest camping gear ever.

● Waterproof, drop-resistant & portable: Never worry about being out in the rain or dropping your headlamp. IPX5 Waterproof rated and vigorously tested to be indestructible in extreme conditions. Easily fits in your pocket too. Trusted and used by police & fire-fighting units across America.

● Lifetime warranty: The Vont headlight won’t let you down. We just don’t say this, but also back it up with a lifetime warranty covering defects and 24/7 support. Use your headlamp and its accessories without having to worry about it breaking or stop working because we have you covered.

Multifunction Versatility:
Whether you’re backpacking or caving or walking the dog at night or going out into the storm or at the basement during a power outage or simply need light during a car breakdown or repair, this is the only headlamp you will ever need.

Uncompromised Durability:
Used and trusted by professional bikers, outdoor enthusiasts, military, police, and security personal, even the search and rescue workforce, this innovative headlamp has proven to last long without jeopardizing performance and function.

Lifetime Premium-Quality:
More than just smart and good lights, our product line of headlamps, bike lights, and other illumination tools takes pride in providing you no less than total and complete satisfaction and unmatched lifetime quality.

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