Ep. 6: Rupert Meghnot, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of a Gaming Incubator

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5m Apr 5, 2021

Ep. 6 10.27.2020

A 2019 Global Game Industry “50 Over 50", who just began a $2 million raise (to add to the $500k+ previously raised). If you're interested in generating ROI from our next dollar, please reach out.

A lifetime of entrepreneurial experience (founder, consultant & investor), plus 12 years as a university educator (Bachelors & Masters), provide me with unique insights into what makes startups successful. I'm using these (project management-based) insights at Burnout Game Ventures to create economic development via game development. We've raised more than $500k, have a $billion Team, and dozens of startups/projects in the pipeline. And, with more than 700 people in our Talent Pool, we have no need for outsourced work, thanks.

BGV is more than a video game publisher/incubator/investor/accelerator. As a “Venturator™”, we mentor, manage and monetize indie dev studios from zero-to-ROI in six months or less. Our investors have been receiving monthly ROI since May '17 (50% have reinvested). Client Partners enjoy:

◊ Learning how to become successful entrepreneurs
◊ Keeping their IP & (most of their) creative freedom
◊ Mastering proven processes to create quality games fast
◊ Revving up their team with our 700+ people Talent Pool
◊ Mentoring from 45+ game industry & entrepreneurial veterans & icons
◊ A potential majority of the revenues (not a minority of profits)

We've released 9 products on 7 platforms, with dozens more scheduled over the next 24 months. 100+ contractors are helping 7 (now 3+ yo) startups. And, we have 45+ world-class Advisors mentoring our Teams.

Contact me if you're interested in investing in and/or working with video game startups. I've...

◊ Successfully founded & operated multiple businesses: video games; simulation; consulting (project mgt., product dev., entrepreneurship); consumer electronics & ornamental metal
◊ Raised $19+ million for various enterprises (including my own)
◊ Mentored/consulted 1k+ (mostly high-tech) companies and startups
◊ Earned Orlando Business Journal's "40-Under-40" Award (1998)
◊ Garnered patents in consumer electronics, simulation & VR
◊ Taught technology at bachelors & masters levels for 12 years (at top schools)
◊ Spoken at numerous events and conferences
◊ Conducted my Meal with a Mentor™ program with 340+ entrepreneurs
◊ Voted a "50 Over 50 in the Global ($175Bn) Game Industry", 2019

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