TUTORIAL 2: Livestream Your Classroom for Remote Online Teaching and Distance Learning

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4m Jul 28, 2020

In this video I show how to easily and professionally stream your classes live to youtube. Live Streaming for remote teaching and distance learning allows you to interact with your students as you teach, and provides a freamework much closer to in person instruction. This video shows you how to livestream from Open Broadcaster Software, which we showed you how to set up in the previous lesson. This video shows step by step instruction, and will allow you to effectively teach remotely for Distance Learning.

Below are links to gear you can build and put together over time:

You can get started with a simple logitech Camera. That's it . . . get a reasonable WEB cam and get started:

Next up, get a green screen. You can use green paper, or paint a wall green, or you can use a nice cloth screen like I use:

I really like to use a graphics tablet for writing much more than a document cam. This is an affordable high quality graphics tablet that will allow you to allow students to see what you write as you lecture. This is the one I use:

Now, perhaps the most important upgrade to production quality comes from a good microphone. This should be one of your very first pieces of gear. This one is the Yeti, and I love it:

Once you have a good microphone, time to get some studio lights. These are really great ones at a really affordable price.

If you have a nice camcorder with HDMI out, you can use it with great success with wirecast. You will need a card to convert the HDMI to USB. This is where you do not want to skimp. I struggled mightily with chea converters, and finally upgraded to the professional magewell unit:
(make sure your camera outputs 'clean' hdmi without the display settings)

You can get more info at our WEB site here:

You guys can help me out over at Patreon, and that will help me keep my gear updated, and help me keep this quality content coming:


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I am Paul McWhorter from toptechboy.com and I will be putting together a series of tutorials on use of the Arduino microcontroller.


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