Crystal Warriors – Incredibly Frustrating

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1m Nov 27, 2021

Tune in next time for Royal Stone; we'll see if the game's sequel is any better.

SRPG Academy article for this game, courtesy of Anarch16Sync: https://www.srpg.academy/sega/crystal-warriors-royal-stone/

Songs used:
"Title" from Crystal Warriors
"Dream Warriors" by Dokken (cover by me obviously)
"Gemini Man" from Megaman 3
"Battle 1" from Crystal Warriors
"Kanna Army" from Bahamut Lagoon
"Factory Inspection" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
"Battle 4" from Crystal Warriors
"On the Mountain" from Crystalis
"Battle 3" from Crystal Warriors
"Final Map (Player Phase)" from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
"Credits" from Crystal Warriors
"Orbis" from MapleStory
"Moon Crystal" from Skies of Arcadia

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chato @chato 1m 1 month ago

Sometimes it's kind of a shame to find a retro game that's lowkey a pioneer, but at the same time hasn't aged well at all.
The JRPG fusion idea is pretty cool in of itself, but I also find it fascinating that you can recruit wild monsters! That's some SRPG Shin Megami Tensei business right there.

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Sinister Design @sinisterdesign 1m 1 month ago

Literally! The Devil Summoner games have a lot in common with this, mechanically--only, like, executed way better.

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User deleted 1m 1 month ago
MyRPGIsBetterThanYoursCosplay @shintocetra 1m 1 month ago

Sethe(I think that's their name?) looks like Rika from Phantasty Star IV. Lol that guitar parody. Anyway, I'll be staying away from this one.

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Gaming is Gone @gamingisgone 1m 1 month ago

Interesting, I've been curious about Crystal Warriors for a few years, having farted around with the first stage back when I first learned of it. Looked kind of cool from the outset, with the decent (for the system/time) graphics, battle sprites that give an almost Super Robot Wars-ish presentation, and most of all, that intriguing battle system. Shame to hear it doesn't pull itself together very well.

Thanks for slogging through it, though! If nothing else, I love seeing games from this deep in a genre's bench get some coverage.

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