Why Do Freelancers and Contractors Get Paid More: 5 Key Reasons

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6m Jan 23, 2021

Have you ever wondered: why do freelancers and contractors get paid more (often twice as much money per day). Here are 5 key reasons. At first glance, it may seem like freelancers and contractors are incredibly expensive. Not many businesses fully realize that they are a bargain. Freelancers can save businesses time and money and can provide incredible skills, tools, and resources. Let me know down in the comments section: are you a freelancer or are you a business owner looking to hire freelancers or contractors. I also cover when it makes sense to hire a freelancer vs a full-time employee. If you're a freelancer, share this video with others and let them see why you're so valuable and a worthwhile investment. If you're looking into hiring a freelancer I hope you now see all of the benefits that they can provide. Please subscribe (and click the bell to be notified) for ongoing tips and tricks about business, entrepreneurship, online marketing, and video marketing!

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