"The reverse productivity"

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1m Jun 17, 2021

"The reverse productivity"

The fact is, at least occasionally, we're all having trouble with motivation, procrastination, being lazy and unproductive and just not feeling like doing something we have to do.

We have a feeling that we could be doing more with our time so we try to find these tricks and hacks to make us more productive. We watch videos, read books, browse through subreddits about productivity just trying to soak in as much information as possible.

That's generally a great thing!

Cause, we should learn how to be productive and disciplined if we want to achieve certain things in life and if we do we'll be able to achieve all these things faster and be more efficient.

But if we take it too far, we can start losing sight of all these other things that are equally important. Stuff like just being present, mindfulness, environmental awareness, the feeling of just being.

if we don't have those things, who are we really?
Check out the video for my thoughts on this!

Pedja Bunjevac

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