Live chat about conservative censorship at Facebook with Project Veritas insider Ryan Hartwig

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1y Jul 15, 2020

Follow Ryan on Twitter at @realryanhartwig

Read about his experiences: https://medium.com/@therealryanhartwig/a-look-at-facebooks-sad-and-severe-censorship-saga-3c53cd4b8a66

Watch the @Project Veritas Action video: https://www.projectveritas.com/news/another-facebook-whistleblower-interference-on-a-global-level-in-elections/

While at Cognizant doing work for Facebook, Ryan Hartwig was targeted because of his conservative beliefs. When he shared a link to an LA times article of a peaceful protest he took part in, he was given a written warning. For those who didn't know him at work, he was rumored to be a racist Trump supporter. However, those who got to know him appreciated his caring personality and his concern for his co-workers.

Ryan's insights into conservatism brought value to Facebook. When Facebook requested content moderators to flag right-wing extremism, he was able to flag that content and send those posts to the client. In late 2019 when Boogaloo was trending during the impeachment trials, Ryan raised this trend to his supervisors and subsequently to Facebook.

Ultimately, after noticing many such trends that favored liberal viewpoints and banned conservative ideologies, Ryan wrote a letter to several congressmen, congresswomen and senators. After no response, he then reached out Project Veritas to expose the blatant bias and misconduct he had witnessed.

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