How To Make Capocollo At Home - Glen And Friends Cooking - AKA Coppa, Capicola, Gabagool, Capicollu

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1m Sep 10, 2021

How To Make Capocollo At Home - Glen And Friends Cooking - AKA Coppa, Capicola, Gabagool, Capicollo, Capicollu, Bondiola or Bondiola curada
Yes this particular cut of salume goes by a bunch of different regional names... but it is essentially all the same thing: Cured Pork Neck

2770g Pork Copa
76.18g Salt (2.75% the weight of the meat)
6.9g Cure #2 (0.25% the weight of the meat)
.7g ground cloves (0.025% the weight of the meat)
5.54g bay leaf (0.2% the weight of the meat)
6.9g black pepper (0.25% the weight of the meat)
3.3g rosemary (0.12% the weight of the meat)
6.9g red pepper flakes (0.25% the weight of the meat)
3.3g garlic powder (0.12% the weight of the meat)

After curing shaker mix: 1/3 ground black pepper, 1/3 ground red pepper flakes, 1/3 ground nutmeg

Mix all the salt, cure #2, and the seasonings together.
Rub the seasoning / cure mixture all over the copa, making sure to get everywhere and into any cuts.
Place the copa and any extra cure in a vacuum-sealable bag and seal, or into a Ziploc bag that you force all of the air out of and seal.
Place the bag in the fridge for 7 days, flipping and massaging it every day.
After 7 days; remove the meat from the bag and gently scrape off any excess salt and seasonings.
Shake on as much of the post cure shaker mix as you are comfortable with.
Prepare the copa for hanging by casing in a beef bung or beef middle, pull on a jet net and then truss with butcher twine.
Poke holes all over the surface with a sterilized needle to remove any and all trapped air.
Brush or spray on a white mold solution like MONDOSTART SURFACE STARTER CULTURE.
Weigh the meat and write it down on a tag along with the start date and the target weight.
Tie the tag to the meat and then hang in the curing chamber at 55ºF - 57ºF (13ºC - 14ºC) and 80% - 82% for around 3 months for this size.
The meat is ready when it has lost 35

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