French 8mm revolvers - Mle. 92 NOT A LEBEL and the Spanish S&W clone

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4y Sep 10, 2016

Relaunched in HD! Much megabytes. So content!

Bloke's French cousin and his mate galliantly offered to talk about the French 8mm revolvers. The was an offer the Bloke could not refuse. There may have been red wine involved These revolvers, both the French-not-a-Lebel ones and the Spanish "Eibar" ones, stayed in military service until at least the 50s, and in Gendarmarie and prison service until the late 60s, and are underappreciated pieces of revolver history.

Here's the Bloke's old contribution to Forgotton Weapons on the Spanish Model 92: http://www.forgottenweapons.com/eibar-spanish-model-92-revolver/

PS - watch the French exchange again with the embedded CC subtitles switched on...

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