The Pole Dancer

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3y Sep 25, 2017

For the past few months I have been working on a really comprehensive training series designed to help you shoot more cinematically. It is an 8 part series of over 8 hours which covers a huge amount of topics! You can see the description of each episode in full and order it here: gopb.co/mzed

Episode 7 is all about "The Story", it's the episode where we take everything we have learned in the previous 6 episodes and put them into practice on a real shoot. Composition, lens choice, movement, lighting, interviewing, slow motion, drones are revisited on this proper shoot! The finished mini doc we made is this, "The Pole Dancer"

I don't want to go into much detail here as I cover how and why we decided to make this film and also the shooting of it in incredible detail.

The mini doc was shot mainly with the Sony A7SII with SLR Magic Cine Primes, DJI Mavic Pro, Sony A6500 and Sony FS5 with raw out recording on the Shogun Inferno.

All music is suppled by Music Bed and it was graded using FilmConvert (10% off at http://gopb.co/filmconvert)

About Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 10 years of his 30-year career has specialized in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what the camera. Some of his most iconic work was created with Canon DSLRs.


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