Project F-250 Restoration - Engine's Done! - Part 11

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2w Apr 4, 2021

Making the Old Engine New Again: Welcome to Project F-250 Restoration Part 11 - Engine's Done! This is part 11 in our Not a High Boy restoration series where we're taking a 1986 Ford F-250 4x4 (that should have been a High Boy but isn’t because Ford stopped making High Boys in 1977) and bringing it back to life. The truck is still awesome! It’s in pretty bad shape and we're bringing it back to life!

It's got a blown motor, tons of rust and we've never seen it move under its own power. It's quite the restoration project! But we think it'll be worth the effort because, although we never like to see a good truck go to the junkyard, this truck has a lot of really cool things about it. It's a heavy-duty, it's four-wheel drive and it's the first year Ford offered fuel injection!

That's right, it's got a 5.0 V8, just like the Mustangs! In today's episode, we're finally done with the motor and man oh man does it look good! A bunch of new parts, everything painted, all new gaskets and this baby is finally ready to go back into the truck! So join us for some fun and mischief as we finish the restoration of the engine on our Project F-250 Not A High Boy! #FordEngine #5.0Engine #EngineUpgrade

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