La Tamise

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7y Aug 17, 2013

La Tamise

Short film starring Alice Bird wearing a specially made dress by James Hillman.
Filmed in the shaft of the Thames Tunnel at The Brunel Museum

Graded with Magic Bullet Colorista II and FilmConvert
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Full blog post coming soon

This was shot in early Match 2013 with a very early release Sony F55. Many of the features were not working but the 4K was.

Why did I choose to shoot this film on the Sony F55 in 4K or more precisely why use the F55 for this? What does it bring to the table that other cameras don't?

Well for this film to be honest, other than the fantastic low light sensitivity, very little. There was no need for 4K of course but it has it and I wanted to see what it looked like. Really for me I just wanted to see it being used on a real shoot with all the challenged that comes with...support, lighting, audio, media managing.

The location was very challenging both in lighting, but also it's very dusty down there and damn freezing!

I shot this in 4K internally on the F55 using SxS Pro in XAVC. That was a challenge to. More on that in the blog post.

Lenses used were Zeiss ZF Primes using the MTF services Nikon adaptor and Canon EF lenses using again an adaptor by MTF services, but this one is a powered one for the iris.

Total lights used (but not all at the same time!) 2 X 1K, 1 Daylight Litepanel, 1 Bi-Colour Litepanel, 3 Dedos 150s

Audio was recorder with the Roland R26 and Rode NTG3 microphone (Recorded dual system as I didn't have the XLR box for the camera)

Rig was an amalgam of bits from Shape and Zacuto. Follow focus was by O'Connor

Cut in Premiere CC. 4K version to come!

La Tamise is french for the River Thames. Why use the french? We filmed in the main shaft of Frenchman Marc Brunel's Thames Tunnel. The first tunnel built under a navigable river in 1843. Also the music is by a frenchman, my favourite composer Claude Debussy and is entitled "The girl with the flaxen hair".

I would love to explore what is left of the tunnel one day. It's closed for it's original purpose of being able to walk through it, in fact it closed over 150 years ago. Since then it's been a train tunnel but even that has stopped now. Hopefully I can convince Andrew Wonder to take me down there! I love the fact that halfway down it's just 14 feet below the river bed. Crazy!

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