The Right to Hate | Chris McGlade

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1m Jul 30, 2021

Watch the full interview with Chris here: https://youtu.be/hkSLhBD0Eq0

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simguy @simguy 1m 1 month ago

Agree, but not to jst hate, but more to have a different opinion or to disagree. And in a true free democratic society, u can express such on the internet where companies r real companies and ppl aren't almost all members of gangsters. The faux internet and faux comment sections, like wat is on places like Youtube and probably most majore social websites that have commenting. If u leave a comment they don't like, or simply if they don't like u cause they been stalkin u and have developed a hatred as a collective, It's all silenced by THEM, who control the site and pretend to simply b regular ppl with channels using insider admin controls that would normally b unavailable to regular channel owners. This is why i am checkin out Utreon.... my bet is, this won't b any different down the road... but time will tell.

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simguy @simguy 1m 1 month ago

Should also mention the faux sub numbers, no thumbs_down on comments, deleting of your comment without notice, moving your comment to the bottom, disabling thumbs_up on comments and only allowing it on gangster member comments, even going as fars as to F up your account so u can't login.

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