Historical Overview of German Vehicles using World of Tanks Garage

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2y Oct 20, 2018

The third day of E3, I was called upon again to fill in a block of time. So, Anna Prosser steeled herself again for another onslaught of tank information...

If you want hours upon hours of tank info, might we suggest checking out Operation Think Tank, over at http://wargamingamerica.com/OTT/

BTW, if you're just finding this channel, I work for World of Tanks, find me at www.worldoftanks.com , my home is on the forum, "The Chieftain's Hatch". I'm also on Facebook somewhere, as "The Chieftain"

About The Chieftain

The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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