Overview of the DaVinci IQ Smart Paths Technology

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4y Dec 5, 2016

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - Discover the all-new Smart Paths features of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer here. Click now to see video!

New to the DaVinci vaporizer line is our all-new Smart Paths feature exclusively on the DaVinci IQ.

Smart Paths are four pre-determined temperature path settings which create unique experience when you vape. Out pf the box, the IQ is loaded with 4 Smart Paths which automatically control your temperature as you vape.

For those who want to tailor it to their own temperature preferences, you can use the app to dial in unique paths with your favorite temperature ranges.

Smart Path 1 is crafted for flavor. This path features lower temperatures that awaken aromas and tastes within.

Smart Path 2 will enlighten your consciousness with a medium euphoric experience while still keeping you alert.

Smart Path 3 gives you the full body sensation of euphoria.

Smart Path 4 is suited for anyone looking to rest. This path entices you to unwind and relax.

To begin with the default Smart Paths, simply power the device on by clicking the control button 5 times. Switch between Smart Paths and Precision Temperature mode anytime by clicking the control button once. Then click thru the 4 different Smart Paths by clicking up or down on the arrow buttons.

Once you've picked your desired Smart Path, the IQ will automatically engage. Wait until all squares are illuminated solid and you're ready to vape.

For a more tailored experience, you can use the app to customized each Smart Path in your DaVinci IQ. First, connect your device to the app. In the menu, click on Smart Paths, select each path you want to edit then select "Edit Path" below the dashboard.

Begin from the left temperature point and drag to the desired temperature and time for the first point. The path can also be edited by selecting the point you wish to edit with one tap and using the sliders below the graph. Repeat for the next two points and keep in mind, you can set a temperature lower than the point directly left to the one you're editing.

Once complete, press Save and you will receive a confirmation. Choose 'Done' to continue customizing the other paths or click 'Start' and your IQ will immediately power into your new customized Smart Path.

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