The Witcher III COMBAT OVERHAUL & other improvements | PLUS Thanos in Fortnite & THE BEST Steam Game

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3y May 9, 2018

The Witcher III Enhanced Edition is a new mod that dramatically reworks the games combat, making it more realistic and immersive, especially for PC players. While the mod has been available for some time, the creators recently released the final version, bringing their work to a close. Oh and lets not forget the Mad Titan himself Thanos is in Fortnite for some reason and the VR rhythm game Beat Saber has become the highest rated game of all time on Steam VR or otherwise.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script by Mike Williams
Edited by Liam McKelvey

Witcher III enhanced edition mod overhauls combat, “unlevels” the world - might make the game worth a replay

Thanos In Fortnite

Beat Saber is the highest rated game on Steam. Full stop.

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