💖 AUTHENTICALLY ADDIE by Stephanie Wolfe | Kids Book Read Aloud | Disability Pride Month Story

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1m Jul 27, 2021

Meet Addie!—A very special kid, with many characteristics that make her particularly unique. No matter what, Addie is always ready for an adventure—especially when she gets to discover what makes others different too. Follow along with Addie on her trip to the Zoo, where she meets amazing animal friends and learns about their many disabilities. In this ultra-inclusive series, author Stephanie Wolfe, with the help of her daughter, Addie, aims to help parents open the door to conversations with their children about disabilities. By normalizing the ability for kids to explore their curiosity and ask kind questions about people they don’t understand, they believe the world will be a less divided place.

Authentically Addie
✏️ Stephanie Wolfe
🎨 Noor Alshalabi
📖 East 26th Publishing


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