Piracy and the Bronze Age Collapse

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8m Jan 23, 2021

In this episode titled "Piracy in the Bronze Age Collapse" we are joined by none other than Dr. Louise Hitchcock and Dr. Aren Maeir!

Together they guide us into an obscure but important aspect of not just the Late Bronze Age but of the Bronze Age Collapse itself and that is the subject of piracy.

Are the Sea Peoples merely pirates or is it more complicated?

What does archaeology tell us about piracy in the Late Bronze Age?

Were there pirate kings and pirate kingdoms?

Do we have primary sources on piracy in the Late Bronze Age? Can the Iliad and the Odyssey be taken as a historical source and do these works reflect Bronze Age piracy?

Why were the Sea Peoples easily defeated in open battle?

These are just a few of the subjects that we attack in this fun episode on the Sea Peoples, Piracy and the Bronze Age Collapse.

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