Miss Real Ladyboy 2021 | The Winners

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1m Jun 15, 2021

Finally the day has arrived.
Apologies for the delay in giving you the results!
The ladyboy with marginally the highest number of votes is not responding to messages and try as I might I cannot get in contact with Salee. She has therefore been disqualified.
Watch the video to find out the ladyboy who is now our Queen.
Anyone who got the result as it stands now correct or as it would have been with Salee as winner-contact me for a free subscription to www.davidbonnie.com.

About The Real Ladyboy Show

Welcome to our channel and short films about Thailand, Thai Culture and Ladyboys. We are David and Annie (who is a Thai ladyboy)as seen on Ladyboys the documentary in the UK, Australia and the Phillipines.


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