Bronx Girl Female Anime Character Was Really Fun To Draw!

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7m Jun 25, 2021

I think I finally found my "niche" if you will for fusing anime style art with elements of hip-hop. This was super fun but really challenging especially drawing her arm because one of them looks longer than it should. So what I was trying to do was to shorten her arm but I'm not so sure if I'm totally satisfied. My favorite part about drawing this female anime character I would say was drawing "Bronx-Girl" in the background.

It clicked to me that I'm gonna draw either that style of graffiti or some other style of graffiti in the background of the many if not most manga characters to come.


About Jovan’s Manga Project

What up, I'm a bboy who likes to draw original manga characters by combining anime art with bboy/hip-hop culture & a dose shonen anime-inspired elements.


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